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Are Mortgages Tax Deductible in Canada?

By Nola
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Are Mortgages Tax Deductible in Canada?
Are Mortgages Tax Deductible in Canada?

I don’t know if this question is something I can be asking you guys, but I was just curious about mortgages and whether or not they could be considered a tax deductible?

This is just something I heard one of my friend’s mention and I thought I would ask.

Thank you.


By Canadalend
Hello Nola,
Thank you for your question.

No mortgages cannot be considered as a tax deductible, the only way it can be is if you refinance your home, and use that money not to pay off loans, but to invest to make money.


If you are borrowing money to make money it can be used for tax deductibles, otherwise it is not.

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interesting question thanks for the helpful response
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Thanks for your comment, glad to know this post has been helpful!
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Interesting question, thanks for submitting


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