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Is Refinancing My House with Bad Credit Possible?

By Shiori Mine1 comments
 If you have had an unfavourable credit history, you may be wondering, "Is refinancing my house with bad credit possible?” The answer is yes and the amount available for you to borrow from mortgage providers depends on the details of your history and the amount of equity you ...

Getting A Canadalend Home Equity Loan

By Jayne B0 comments
If you are considering tapping into the equity you have built up in your home, it is very important to be well informed before you choose to work with any lender. Your home is an incredibly valuable asset, and requires a great deal of care and respect. A Canadalend home equity loan ...

Where to Find Mortgage Lenders in Thornhill

By Nick Raffoul1 comments
Credit plays an important role in some of the biggest purchase decisions we make in our lives. Mortgage lenders in Thornhill are helping people get on the fast track to becoming homeowners. A mortgage is a loan that is used to finance the purchase of your home. Unfortunately, most ...

Mortgage Rates in Waterloo

By Jay Crawford1 comments
Making the decision to refinance or consolidate your debt using your home equity is becoming more and more common every day. In Waterloo specifically, this can be an alluring prospect to a homeowner seeking methods to fund investments, retirement, home upgrades, or even higher education. ...

Mortgage Calculator in Oshawa

By Jay Crawford1 comments
Staying on top of finances is one of the most important things that people need to pay attention to. Paying the monthly bills is stressful enough, but to some people, the thought of a mortgage can be terrifying. Many people just see a long term debt, and it can be an overwhelming ...
What is the Best Way to Refinance My Home

What is the Best Way to Refinance My Home?

What is the Best Way to Refinance My Home?   Hello,   My wife and I purchased a home and decided we would like to add another room and build a pool in our backyard. What is the best way ...AnswerHi there!   Thank you for reaching out to the Canadalend team with your question regarding home refinancing.   The best way to start would be to go online and apply!   Once our agent’s ...

Canadalend and Help with Mortgage Refinancing

By Jayne B0 comments
Why would you refinance your mortgage?   There are several common reasons why homeowners choose refinancing as their financial solution:   Lower interest rates - One of the main reasons to refinance a mortgage is the opportunity to obtain lower mortgage rates. ...
PlayFinding Reliable Second Mortgage Advice secondmortgageadvice

Finding Reliable Second Mortgage Advice

Where Can I Find Reliable Second Mortgage Advice?   Homeowners looking for reliable second mortgage advice are often left wondering where they can turn for unbiased, professional advice.  A second mortgage is not something that will work for everyone, but for some homeowners ...
Bad Credit Mortgage Lender GTA

Bad Credit Mortgage Lender GTA

Bad Credit Mortgage Lender GTA   I really want to get a mortgage because I am sick of paying rent but admittedly my credit is pretty bad. I know I have made my mistakes in the past but I do want ...AnswerHi there,   Thank you for reaching out to Canadalend with your question regarding the mortgage loan options available to you.   We can definitely help you out! Just apply online, from there you ...

Robert Barbosa is amazing !!

By DG from KW1 comments
Robert helped us breathe again !!We were drowning in debt , I saw Robert's ad in a local flyer and decided to give him a call . I am so thankful and happy I did! . We had a complicated situation but Robert managed to help us out . Truly outstanding service . Robert is very thorough, ...
Private Construction Loans Toronto

Private Construction Loans Toronto

Private Construction Loans Toronto   I am looking to move out of my condo and move into a new home but rather than going through the whole process of shopping for a mortgage, I wish to get a construction ...AnswerHi there and thank you for your question to the Canadalend team regarding Private construction loans.    At Canadalend we offer a vast variety of personal loan options, including private construction ...
PlayFinding the Right Second Mortgage Lender secondmortgagelender

Finding the Right Second Mortgage Lender

Finding the Right Second Mortgage Lender   Once the decision has been made to take out a second mortgage on your home, the next step is to find the right lender to meet your financial needs. Are you looking for money to complete renovations on the home or to pay for other costs ...
Can I Break My Second Mortgage Before the End of the Term

Can I Break My Second Mortgage Before the End of the Term?

Can I Break My Second Mortgage Before the End of the Term?    I was wondering if i can break my second mortgage before the end of the term? Are there any associated penalties?    Thank ...AnswerHi there and thank you for taking the time to reach out to the Canadalend team with your question.   When it comes to second mortgages, yes you can most definitely break your mortgage agreement before ...


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