2nd Mortgages in Waterloo

When looking into 2nd mortgages in Waterloo, many people will discover lending services outside of traditional banks that offer loans without consulting your credit score. This will come as a surprise to many and becomes a curious thought. Why is it that these lenders disregard a client’s credit score? Similarly, how 2nd mortgages affect your credit score may come as a surprise.

Your Credit Score and Second Mortgages

In general, credit scores are difficult to determine by yourself and come with a wave of confusion. In Canada, credit scores range from 300 to 900 points; the higher the number the better your score is. This number is based on a variety of factors, but it comes down to a few basic characteristics:
  1. History of payments
  2. How much you owe  
  3. How long you have had a credit history
  4. How often you apply for credit
  5. Types of credit you’ve accumulated
There are many ways that your credit score can affect your financial future, as it determines your financial past. When applying for a second mortgage, many assume that lenders would check this credit score, but that is not always the case. Getting a second mortgage comes with the general assumption that there is a financial burden on the horizon that cannot be paid for out of pocket. Second mortgages come with higher interest rates. They  are not a quick, irrational decision and the borrower should be aware of the financial choice they are making. A person with an outstanding credit score would not be an issue for lenders, while a person with a lower score would show an obvious need for this money.

How do 2nd Mortgages Affect Your Credit Score?

Like all forms of credit and loans, a second mortgage could possibly affect your credit score in a positive way. Second mortgages do not typically rate on the credit bureau unless it’s a Heloc. Once the funds from the 2nd mortgage are used to pay off other unsecured debt that you owe it will reflect this on your credit bureau which in turn will raise your score. This is why it is important that when the mortgage funds become available they are used to for this purpose if this is the position you are in. You can reap great benefits from increasing your credit score.
Like all financial decisions, 2nd mortgages in Waterloo are a big decision. It is possible that your credit score may have no impact on borrowing this money from a lender or it may change the amount of money you are loaned. Either way, this loan will affect your credit score, which must be taken into consideration. If you are able to pay back the mortgage in the agreed upon time, this may actually boost your credit score and in turn your financial future. 


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