Best Second Mortgage Lenders

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Best Second Mortgage Lenders    Hi there,   I am interested in learning more about the second mortgage options available to me.   What are some of the things I need to consider when ...AnswerHi there and thank you for your enquiry.   When looking for a second mortgage it is always good to consider that you can potentially be receiving a higher interest rate, higher fees, and a higher ...

Private Lenders for Bad Credit in Canada

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Private Lenders for Bad Credit in Canada    Need help finding a private mortgage lender as I have bad credit. I have no idea where to start looking or if I even qualify for help getting a loan. ...AnswerAll you need to do in order to get a loan despite bad credit is go to and apply!   Whether you have great credit or bad credit we will do the work and find the best lender for ...

Private Lenders for Personal Loans Canada

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Private Lenders for Personal Loans Canada   I am in need of a $5000 loan and need help finding the right private lender. Is this something Canadalend can help me with?  AnswerWhen it comes to personal loans, does home equity loans with a minimum loan of $20,000.00.   I hope this has helped answer your question. Feel free to contact a member of the Canadalend ...
Private Mortgage Lenders Toronto

Private Mortgage Lenders Toronto

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 Private Mortgage Lenders Toronto   I am interested in getting some more information about private mortgage lenders, how they differ from banks and what the options available to me in the Toronto ...AnswerHello Pamela,   Thank you for your question regarding private mortgage lenders in the Toronto area.    Private Mortgage Lenders   A majority of the mortgages in Canada are held either ...
What Part of My Mortgage Refinance is Tax Deductible

What Part of My Mortgage Refinance is Tax Deductible?

By Stanley R.5 comments
What Part of My Mortgage Refinance is Tax Deductible?   I was wondering if someone could offer me some insight regarding my mortgage and whether or not the refinancing I did recently is a tax deductible? ...AnswerHi there Stanley,   Thank you for submitting another question to the Canadalend team, we are always here to assist with mortgage and refinancing related questions.   Now, regarding your particular ...
Why Do Mortgage Lenders Need my Tax Returns

Why Do Mortgage Lenders Need my Tax Returns?

By Jonathan McClap7 comments
 Why Do Mortgage Lenders need my Tax Returns?   I was wondering If I could get more information regarding this topic as I want to look into applying for a mortgage some time in the future. Why ...AnswerHello Jonathan,   Thank you for reaching out to the Canadalend team with your question regarding the mortgage process and tax returns.   "Why mortgage lenders need tax return information" is ...
Hour Mortgage Loan Approval Toronto

24-Hour Mortgage Loan Approval Toronto

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  24-Hour Mortgage Loan Approval Toronto   I need help and was wondering if Canadalend can help me. I want to start the mortgage loan process and was looking for a company able to offer this ...AnswerHello Mark,   Thank you for your question to us regarding 24-Hour Mortgage Loan Approval.    In order to get mortgage loan approval within 24-Hours at Canadalend, all your mortgage ...


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