Refinancing Mortgages Affect Credit Score

By Spring5 comments
Refinancing Mortgages Affect Credit Score    How does refinancing my mortgage affect my credit score?   How do hard inquiries affect my credit score as well, does the inquiry tend to diminish ...Answer    Thank you for your question regarding mortgage refinancing and how this affects your credit score.       Creditors will run your credit report when refinancing your mortgage ...
What Part of My Mortgage Refinance is Tax Deductible

What Part of My Mortgage Refinance is Tax Deductible?

By Stanley R.5 comments
What Part of My Mortgage Refinance is Tax Deductible?   I was wondering if someone could offer me some insight regarding my mortgage and whether or not the refinancing I did recently is a tax deductible? ...AnswerHi there Stanley,   Thank you for submitting another question to the Canadalend team, we are always here to assist with mortgage and refinancing related questions.   Now, regarding your particular ...

Mortgage Refinancing Canada

By Lily Daniels3 comments
Mortgage Refinancing Canada   I am looking for mortgage refinancing help. Will the services offered by Canadalend help lower my payments and debt? Will this option be available to me even if I ...AnswerHello Lily,   Thank you for reaching out to the Canadalend team with your question about the mortgage refinancing options currently available in Canada.   The short answer is Yes of course! ...


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