Can I Get a Mortgage If I'm Self-Employed with Bad Credit?

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Can I Get a Mortgage If I'm Self-Employed with Bad Credit?

Hi there,

I noticed that your company offers mortgage solutions or those who are self employed, I was wondering if you also help people who are both self employed and have bad credit?


Any help and information would be greatly appreciated! 



By Canadalend
Of course, you can get a mortgage despite being self-employed and having poor credit.
Obtaining a mortgage with an A or even B lender may become more difficult as A and B lenders do verify a client’s income and prefer their clients to have a higher beacon score, but that does not rule out all lenders as there are private lenders out there who are equity lenders.
Here at we will do our best to get you the best mortgage rate possible with the best lender suited for you!


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