Canadian Mortgage Calculator

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Canadian Mortgage Calculator
Canadian Mortgage Calculator

Are all mortgage calculator tools the same, do they work in the same way?


How do Canadian mortgage calculators differ from other mortgage tools? What else can be used to help me figure out everything that needs to be done before I make my mortgage decisions?

Canadian Mortgage Calculator


By Canadalend
Hi there,
Thank you for your question.

All Canadian Mortgage Calculators are the same no matter which site you access it from. 


The mortgage calculator differs from other tools as it finds out how much and how often your payment will be. It also gives you the opportunity to compare options that are right for each individual. 


Other tools that are great to use when making a mortgage decision are:


- a Debt Service calculator

- a Premium calculator

- a Household Budget calculator

- and a Mortgage Affordability calculator.  


The Debt Service calculator allows home buyers to evaluate their current finances and understand how much they can spend on a mortgage. 


A Premium calculator helps a home buyer estimate the premium payable when you are purchasing a home.


The Household Budget calculator compares a home buyer’s income with their current expenses and debt payments so they can see how large of a mortgage they can afford.


Finally, a Mortgage Affordability calculator helps home buyers estimate the maximum mortgage they can afford. 

I hope this has helped to offer a bettering understanding of how mortgage calculators work and how they can help you. 
Canadian Mortgage Calculator
Canadian Mortgage Calculator
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