How can I save money on my mortgage?

How can I save money on my mortgage?


Is there anything I can do to ensure I am saving some money when it comes to the interest on my mortgage?


What are some options that are available to me?


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In terms of saving money on your mortgage, there are a few things that you can do:

  1. accelerated payment frequency: you make an extra payment directly against your mortgage each year; you’ll save in interest!                                              
  2. Shorten your amortization:  the shorter your amortization the more you have to come up with for each payment, but the less you’ll pay in interest overall!    
  3. Make a principal prepayment against your mortgage: the majority of mortgages come with the elasticity to make an annual prepayment each year. It tends to run somewhere between 10 and 20% of the original mortgage amount. 
Remember to keep the following options in mind when considering saving money on your mortgage or if you're looking to pay it off quicker.
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Remember to contact a member of the Canadalend team today to learn more about the services we provide!
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I'd say give them a call and talk to someone directly about saving money on your mortgage
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Is there anyway to speak to someone about accelerated payment frequency for my mortgage? I'd like to have it paid off ASAP.


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