Mortgage Affordability Calculator Canada

By Mark
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Mortgage Affordability Calculator Canada
 Mortgage Affordability Calculator Canada

I have seen multiple different kinds of mortgage affordability calculators and similar tools online.

I was just wondering if these tools are indeed accurate and whether or not they can really give me an idea of what I can be spending on a mortgage.

Would the use of a mortgage affordability calculator make a difference?

Mortgage Affordability calculator Canada


By Canadalend

Mortgage Affordability Calculators are accurate as they take your GDS ratio and your TDS ratio into account and use your monthly income in order to calculate one’s financial status, and the maximum price that an individual should be considering when buying a house. 


A mortgage affordability calculator would make a huge difference when budgeting out if you can afford a home or not as the calculator takes into account all expenses an individual has, and all expenses that come with buying a house (i.e. insurance, tax, heating etc.)

Mortgage Affordability Calculator Canada
Mortgage Affordability Calculator Canada
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very helpful thanks
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what a useful tool! Thank you for sharing!


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