Mortgage options for a bad credit score

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Mortgage options for a bad credit score

I have made a couple of mistakes in the past and now my credit is pretty bad. I really want to buy a home to start a family in but I have a bruised credit score. (low credit score due to bankruptcy) am I still eligible for a mortgage?


Can Canadalend help me?


By Canadalend
 Most Canadian banks will not approve a mortgage loan for those individuals who have a low credit score (below 600), if you are in that situation you will have to look for a “B lender” or a “subprime lender”.
Financial institutions as such work exclusively with individuals who do not have an ideal credit score. If someone’s credit is extremely low or even perhaps involving a bankruptcy a broker will find a private mortgage lender for your mortgage loan. 
Contact the Canadalend team for more information about the mortgage options available to you. 
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7 years ago
Thank you for the feedback
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7 years ago
I agree I am thankful for this informative info. many people are reluctant to go ask for a loan with bad credit score but with you suggestions they are knowledgeable of how to go about it.
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8 years ago
I know how difficult it can seem to try and get a loan with bad credit, agreed, at least theres help out there
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8 years ago
well at least there is help else where, at least the mortgage brokers can assist someone with bad credit.


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    Thank you Canadalend for helping me with mortgage approval advice.
    so hellpful with their responses to mortgage related questions
    The Canadalend team helped me when I had no where else to turn. Thank you so much
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    Very Helpful financing and lending information!