Refinance to Pay Off Student Loans

Refinance to Pay Off Student Loans

Refinance to Pay Off Student Loans?


This may seem like a silly question but can I refinance in order to pay off my student loans?


What do I need to do to get a loan in order to help with the outstanding student loans that I have?


Any help would be great!


By Canadalend
Hi there and thank you for reaching out to the Canadalend team with your question about the loan options we have to offer.
As long as you own your home you are able to refinance your mortgage in order to pay off any debts! This includes student loans as well. 
After filling out an application on we will be able to assist you further and let you know what options are best for you!
Feel free to also contact the Canadalend team directly for more information.
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4 years ago
Need help to pay off student loans? Contact the Canadalend team today to learn more about the services we provide!


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    By Mark
    Thank you Canadalend for helping me with mortgage approval advice.
    so hellpful with their responses to mortgage related questions
    The Canadalend team helped me when I had no where else to turn. Thank you so much
    By Flux
    Very Helpful financing and lending information!