Residential Mortgage Loan Canada

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Residential Mortgage Loan Canada

I need a residential mortgage, I have been rejected by my bank because I recently got discharged from a consumer proposal. Can Canadalend still help me get a residential mortgage even under these circumstances?

Would it be better to just list my husband as the main one with income as his credit is better than mine?

What can I do on my part to make sure we are approved for a residential mortgage? 


By Canadalend

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out to the Canadalend team with your question regarding residential mortgage loans.

In this circumstance Candalend would get you approved through an Alternative lender or a Private lender despite your consumer proposal. If you wanted to list your husband as the main one on title you would just have to ensure that the husband qualifies by himself without you being on title.


To ensure you get approved for a residential mortgage it would be great to all the required documents in order, such as your mortgage statement, tax bill, home insurance, income verification as well as a copy of your I.D. 

I hope this has helped to answer your question.
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