Why Deal with a Mortgage Broker/Agent?

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Why Deal with a Mortgage Broker/Agent?


I am thinking of buying a home and don't know where to begin.


 The process seems so daunting. My friend has told me about seeking the help of a mortgage broker or agent but I am not sure if that's what I should do.


Why should I deal with a mortgage broker or agent and what can they provide me with in terms of mortgage options?



By Canadalend
A broker has access to a variety of lenders and has the educational background and training to provide a consumer with choices that fit their needs- Raj Babber
For some individuals buying a home it can be difficult to know you are getting the best rate unless you use a mortgage broker as their job is to get you the best possible rate with a lender. 
All brokers have the proper education as they are required to take course, pass exams and undergo training and apprenticeships before they receive licenses. 
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thanks for the answer. I now clearly understand why. always reliable to get informative answers.


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