PlayQuestions About Second Mortgages in Cambridge mortgageratescambridge

Questions About Second Mortgages in Cambridge

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Second mortgages are a great way for Cambridge homeowners to get quick access to cash, consolidate debt, or finance any number of large-scale expenses. Homeowners have taken advantage of second mortgages and home equity lines of credit to help them consolidate their debt and get out ...

Finding A Mortgage Expert in Ontario

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Finding A Mortgage Expert in Ontario   The world of home finances can be a complicated place; Everyday citizens often have a difficult time navigating the different process, vocabulary, and steps needed to take in the world of mortgages. Especially when it comes to refinancing ...
PlayFind Out How Much Equity You Have in Your House howmuchequitydoihaveinmyhouse

Find Out How Much Equity You Have in Your House

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There’s one question that every homeowner will eventually ask themselves. After years of making mortgage payments, everyone eventually wants to know, "How much equity do I have in my house?” Finding the answer is simple, and when you do, you’ll be rewarded with financial opportunities ...
PlayRefinancing with a Home Equity Loan homeequityloanrefinancing

Refinancing with a Home Equity Loan

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Using a home equity loan for refinancing is an increasingly popular method for homeowners to make changes in their lives. The cost effective borrowing method has given countless homeowners the financial freedom to live out their dreams and to have the things that matter the most to ...

Home Equity Loan Interest Rates: Low Interest Rates

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Home equity loan interest rates are considerably lower than those associated with other borrowing types. By using the equity you’ve established through years of hard work and payments, homeowners can take advantage of interest rates far closer to the prime rate than any other option. ...
PlayThe Many Uses for a Home Equity Line of Credit homeequitylineofcredituses

The Many Uses for a Home Equity Line of Credit

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If you’re looking for ways to fund an investment or project, a home equity line of credit could very well be the perfect solution to your needs. You’ve been spending years developing home equity and now could be the time to take advantage of your efforts.   Home Equity   ...
PlayRefinancing Mortgages in Hamilton mortgageshamilton

Refinancing Mortgages in Hamilton

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When Should I Refinance My Home?   Securing More Favourable Terms   Of course, the answer to this question is different for every homeowner. It is important to consult a mortgage advisor to help you determine the cost and potential benefits of refinancing. Many times, homeowners ...
PlayHome Equity Line of Credit vs. Loan in Thornhill homeequitylineofcreditthornhill

Home Equity Line of Credit vs. Loan in Thornhill

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Home Equity Line of Credit   A home equity line of credit (HELOC) is issued much like a credit card, with a limit. While some lenders issue annual HELOC fees for having an account open, others simply charge as you spend the money, with accrued interest. As you pay down ...

Taking Out 2nd Mortgages in Cambridge

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What are 2nd Mortgages in Cambridge?   A 2nd mortgage is a mortgage taken out on a property that already has a mortgage associated with it. Like a 1st mortgage, a 2nd mortgage is a loan secured by your home, and if you fail to make payments, the lender can seize your home and ...


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