Tips to Follow When Considering a Canadalend Home Equity Loan

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So, you’ve decided to unlock some of the equity in your home to pay down more expensive debt; a wise move that will pay off handsomely down the road; but where to start? While there are many brokers, agents, and of course banking representatives to help, we suggest including a Canadalend ...

Learn About a Canadalend Secured Loan

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As a homeowner, you are in a unique borrowing position. With the right approvals, you can borrow against the equity in your home with a Canadalend secured loan.   What Is a Home Equity Secured Loan?   A home equity loan is a second mortgage and is a secured loan against ...

Canadalend Mortgage Options: Unique to Individual Needs

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A mortgage is a large financial commitment with an overwhelming number of options. Deciding which mortgage makes sense can be difficult. If you are looking for any mortgage related assistance, get help with Canadalend mortgage options. The team of financial experts at Canadalend will ...

Mortgage Basics and Canadalend Loan Repayment

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When you buy your first home, the last thing you’re probably thinking about your options as it concerns your loan repayment. The Canadalend loan repayment team is here to help, with options to suit your needs when assessing your payment options on your first mortgage.    ...

Canadalend Appraisal Costs May Be Well Worth the Investment

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When you buy a home, your mortgage lender wants to make sure the house is worth at least as much as you are paying for it. The lender does not want to loan you $200,000 for a house that is worth only $150,000. If you do not make your mortgage payments and the lender has to foreclose ...

How to Qualify for Second Mortgages in Toronto

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How to Qualify for Second Mortgages in Toronto   A second mortgage, which, as the name suggests, is a secondary loan in addition to your initial mortgage based on the equity you have built up within your home. In order to qualify for second mortgages in Toronto, you will need ...


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