The Benefits of a Low-Interest HELOC

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What is a Low-Interest HELOC?   HELOC is a shorthand way of referring to a home equity line of credit. This type of low interest credit allows a homeowner to access the equity of the home and pay far less interest than that of a regular, traditional loan or line of credit. Home ...

Benefits of Leveraging Your Home Equity

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Leveraging Your Home Equity   Buying a home may be the largest purchase a person makes in his or her life. Homes are expensive, and are normally paid off over a long stretch of time. However, during this time, the money that has been put into the house can be accessed once again ...

Benefits of Securing a Second Mortgage

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A secured second mortgage can be one way to lessen your current financial burden and manage additional expenses. Home equity can be harnessed as a means to create immediate cash flow when necessary, an option many new homeowners may not necessarily realize.     What is a ...

Refinance Your Mortgage to Pay Off Debt Faster

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Refinance to Pay Off Debt   When you refinance a mortgage, one of the benefits is the ability to pay off unwanted debt, an option many home owners have at their fingertips. When unexpected expenses inevitably arise, there is a way to manage them by taking advantage of the equity ...

Second Mortgage for your Vaughan Home

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As one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Canada, Vaughan has seen a boom in real estate values in the past few years. Many homeowners in Vaughan are taking advantage of this increase in real estate value by taking out second mortgages.   What Is a Second Mortgage and ...

Second Mortgages in Pickering – What You Need to Know

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Taking out a second mortgage on your Pickering home may be seen as risky, since a home is one of the biggest investments one makes. Being educated on what a second mortgage is and how it works, its benefits, and costs can help you choose the right mortgage type and lender. For Pickering ...


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