Loans for Holiday Debt Consolidation?

Loans for Holiday Debt Consolidation?    Looking for some help with the debt I kinda accumulated during the holiday season. Do you offer debt consolidation loans on a short term basis? AnswerCanadalend offers debt consolidation loans to suit your needs (even after the holiday season)  as long as you have equity in a home. can definitely find you a short-term basis ...
Debt Consolidation Home Equity Loans Toronto

Debt Consolidation Home Equity Loans Toronto

612.jpgBy M.G.6 comments
 Debt Consolidation Home Equity Loans Toronto   I know there are many options for debt consolidation equity loans in the Toronto area, but I was hoping Canadalend could help me. What are ...Answer Hi there,   Thank you for your question!   The process to get a debt consolidation loan through is very secure and easy! You can either call, 1866-422-6536 or apply online! ...
Private Mortgage Lenders Toronto

Private Mortgage Lenders Toronto

By Pamela Scott7 comments
 Private Mortgage Lenders Toronto   I am interested in getting some more information about private mortgage lenders, how they differ from banks and what the options available to me in the Toronto ...AnswerHello Pamela,   Thank you for your question regarding private mortgage lenders in the Toronto area.    Private Mortgage Lenders   A majority of the mortgages in Canada are held either ...
Tax Arrears Help Toronto

Tax Arrears Help Toronto

By Ms.Campbell8 comments
Tax Arrears Help Toronto   I am in need of some help ASAP!   I had some personal issues which led to financial issues and now I am in arrears! I really need some help getting my financial situation ...AnswerHi Ms Campbell,   Thank you for your question.   In terms of help with your tax arrears, the first thing we would advise you to do is to contact Canadalend over the phone or apply online for ...
How Do I get a Debt Consolidation Loan in Ontario

How Do I get a Debt Consolidation Loan in Ontario

By Lily Daniels8 comments
 How Do I get a Debt Consolidation Loan in Ontario   I know that there are various companies offering consolidation loans but I was wanting to know what steps I need to take in order to get one. ...AnswerHi there,   Thank you for your question.   The process to get a debt consolidation loan through is really easy!   You can either call 1-866-422-6536 or apply online!   If ...
Canadian Mortgage Rates

Canadian Mortgage Rates

By Spring7 comments
 Canadian Mortgage Rates   How can I get assistance with finding out more information about Canadian mortgage rates? Are they consistently changing? How can a mortgage broker help me find ...AnswerHello,   Thank you for your question regarding Canadian Mortgage Rates    Mortgage rates can change on a daily basis based on the economy. Your interest rate is never secure until it is ...
Canadian Mortgage Calculator

Canadian Mortgage Calculator

By Stanley R.5 comments
Canadian Mortgage Calculator   Are all mortgage calculator tools the same, do they work in the same way?   How do Canadian mortgage calculators differ from other mortgage tools? What else can ...AnswerHi there,   Thank you for your question.   All Canadian Mortgage Calculators are the same no matter which site you access it from.    The mortgage calculator differs from other tools ...
Mortgage Affordability Calculator Canada

Mortgage Affordability Calculator Canada

116.pngBy Mark5 comments
 Mortgage Affordability Calculator Canada   I have seen multiple different kinds of mortgage affordability calculators and similar tools online. I was just wondering if these tools are indeed ...AnswerMortgage Affordability Calculators are accurate as they take your GDS ratio and your TDS ratio into account and use your monthly income in order to calculate one’s financial status, and the maximum ...
Variable Rate Mortgages Toronto

Variable Rate Mortgages Toronto

By Pamela Scott6 comments
 Variable Rate Mortgages Toronto   What is the best way to go about getting a variable rate mortgage in Toronto?   Is there anything that I specifically need to be looking out for?AnswerHi there,   Excellent question, when it comes to getting a variable rate for a mortgage in Toronto, here are a couple of things to keep in mind.    In order to get a variable rate mortgage ...

Refinancing Mortgages Affect Credit Score

By Spring5 comments
Refinancing Mortgages Affect Credit Score    How does refinancing my mortgage affect my credit score?   How do hard inquiries affect my credit score as well, does the inquiry tend to diminish ...Answer    Thank you for your question regarding mortgage refinancing and how this affects your credit score.       Creditors will run your credit report when refinancing your mortgage ...

What Are “Mortgage Terms"?

By Anonymous5 comments
What Are “Mortgage Terms"?   I am just now starting my research on mortgages and what it all entails.   I am still a little confused regarding the "mortgage terms" what are they and what ...Answer Thank you for your question.   Here are some examples of mortgage terms. A mortgage term is the length of time, which it usually is in years, in which the limits of a mortgage have legal effect. ...

How can I save money on my mortgage?

By Anonymous4 comments
How can I save money on my mortgage?   Is there anything I can do to ensure I am saving some money when it comes to the interest on my mortgage?   What are some options that are available to ...AnswerIn terms of saving money on your mortgage, there are a few things that you can do:   accelerated payment frequency: you make an extra payment directly against your mortgage each year; you’ll ...

What is Mortgage Insurance in Canada?

By Jonathan McClap4 comments
What is Mortgage Insurance in Canada?   I am new to the home buying process and would like to know what mortgage insurance is and if it is something that I really need.   Will it make a difference ...Answer Thank you for your inquiry!    Mortgage insurance in Canada is an insurance policy that reimburses lenders or investors for losses due to the default of a mortgage loan. Mortgage insurance ...
Why Do Mortgage Lenders Need my Tax Returns

Why Do Mortgage Lenders Need my Tax Returns?

By Jonathan McClap7 comments
 Why Do Mortgage Lenders need my Tax Returns?   I was wondering If I could get more information regarding this topic as I want to look into applying for a mortgage some time in the future. Why ...AnswerHello Jonathan,   Thank you for reaching out to the Canadalend team with your question regarding the mortgage process and tax returns.   "Why mortgage lenders need tax return information" is ...


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