Second Mortgages in Markham Are Useful Financial Tool

The Advantages of Second Mortgages

The obvious positive result of a second mortgage is that it gives you a large pool of cash. In one stroke you may be able to cover the higher education costs of your children. It can also be the means by which you can undertake home repairs or renovation. You could pay off any arrears you have on your first mortgage or taxes. It is also a method of consolidating personal debt – using the equity you have in your home as leverage; or you may simply have emergency expenses you need to cover quickly.
The amount you can borrow with a second mortgage is not unlimited, and depends on how much equity you have built in your home. For example, if your home is valued at $500,000, and your first mortgage is $300,000 that leaves equity of $200,000. It is possible to place a second mortgage on up to 90% of that higher amount, or the equivalent of $180,000.

The Cons of a Second Mortgage

A second mortgage means more debt. However, that can be balanced by the fact that you may also be in fact lessening your debt load, if you’re applying that money or some of it against other loans – such as credit cards payments – that are at a higher rate of interest.
The recent woes of the United States housing market are an important reminder of the dangers of too much debt. Too many Americans mortgaged their homes to the hilt and then, when housing prices fell, found themselves holding much more debt than they were worth – or could pay. Mortgage payments were defaulted, and banks foreclosed on hundreds of thousands of homes.

Finding the Perfect Broker

Find a mortgage broker you can trust.  A good way to start is to go online on the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada website. FCAC’s site contains much useful information on mortgages and loans and even has a section called ‘Mortgage 101’, that will ground you in the basics. Then, search locally for a reputable broker for second mortgages in Markham. Look for a company that offers a wide range of mortgage services and then, together, decide if a second mortgage is the right financial tool for you. 


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